Wednesday Work in Progress: Redo

“No.” She turned and pushed him flat to the bed. “No, that’s not how this goes.” She straddled his body, grinding herself against the hard line of his cock. “How this goes is I convince you. I push you.” She ripped his shirt, popping the badly sewn buttons. “I don’t want to repeat what happened, I want to do what I never had the chance, had the courage to do.” She pushed herself against his body, the pressure on her clit making her squirm and he thrust up into her. He began to breathe quickly as she ground herself against his cock, riding it through his pants and the thin cotton of her knickers. All too quickly she could feel an orgasm building, and slowed her pace until he was writhing underneath her, hands clenched in the bedspread.

This was something of an experiment. I wanted to redo, flip and rework the whole ‘schoolgirl’ thing. Because, god, what I wouldn’t have given to have been able to explore my own desires at that age? I was voracious, but I was surrounded by all these constraints and controls, not just about ‘good girls don’t’ but even when I wanted to, I had someone else there trying to take it further than I wanted.

I wish I’d had a chance to be in control.

So this was how I experimented with that idea. It didn’t go anywhere, not really, but I think I still like it. It doesn’t really work, but I like it.

(also, does anyone else have trouble with names in erotica? I wrote this a while back and since then I’ve made a new, wonderful, friend…who shares the same name as male character in this)