my stories

I met her eyes, and she was smiling, though it was crooked and she was breathless. She loosened her grip and stroked down my neck and throat, curling through my beard and drawing me into a kiss. She tasted of flowers and herbs, and I groaned as my thigh spasmed and I fell into her embrace.

The Oak and the Ale in Conquests edited by Delilah Devlin

Izet was silent for a moment. “You liked watching me, ah, touch myself?”

Sian laughed. “Yes Izet, I liked watching you touch yourself. Why wouldn’t I?” She felt arousal curling in the pit of her stomach, making her bold. “Your hand, stroking up along your cock, that patch of hair on your belly? It’s a good look.”

Accidental Transmission in Best Women’s Erotica edited by Violet Blue

“What do you mean to do with me now you’ve caught me?” She licked her lips, breathless. His eyes followed her tongue, glancing at her breasts, and he bared his teeth and moved away, dropping her hand.

“Nothing. I will do nothing. You tempt me beyond reason.”

On My Honor in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors edited by Delilah Devlin

“Ah, there it is my sweetness.” He spoke with his face close to me, lips brushing mine. “It takes a little bit of roughness does it? A little bit of domination?” I blushed again as I pulled against his grip. He pulled my hands behind my back and caught them together with one of his own, holding my face still with the other. “Say it. Say it, Orya, or I stop.” There was no smile on his face now, his eyes solidly black in the mid-afternoon light, his hair wild and curling. He kissed me again, harsh and vicious and I moaned into his mouth; he pulled back, pulled away and I met his eyes.

“Yes.” I breathed.

Before They Burn in Can’t Get Enough edited by Tenille Brown

Grace felt dizzy for a moment, caught between two desires. She wanted him, fucked and splayed open and hers. She also wanted him inside her, driving into her. His cock was heavy, thick and long and hard already.

Deeper in Bound for Trouble edited by Alison Tyler

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