Wednesday Work in Progress: cafune

I touched him, constantly, without conscious thought. At the lights I would stroke my fingers over the shining gold strands of hair crowning his knuckles. Or the short, almost velcro like, fuzz at the back of his head. If we were close together I would find myself with my hands on him. The line of his ear, finding his collarbones by touch alone, the soft flesh on the underside of his arm. But nothing compared to running my fingers through that patch of hair low on his belly leading down to the thickly furred patch between his thighs.

Untitled, unfinished, no idea where it’s going.

Wednesday Work In Progress: dirty words

We both moved, and met. Her mouth was soft and full and her teeth were sharp. I kept my hands on her and moved us so I could sit her on the bench and kiss her without having to bend or pick her up. So I could have both hands free to grasp the fleshy parts of her hips and squeeze and bring her closer to me and I could finally press my aching cock against her. When I did, her hips thrust up against me and she moaned into my mouth.
“Fucking hell.” We both said it but it was her hands yanking at the fabric between us. I didn’t have a chance to be self-conscious, to think about how looked, because she wriggled off the bench to drop to her knees and press her face into the curve beneath my belly and bite on the soft flesh there, mouthing at me as her hands worked. I revelled in it but when she finally got my jeans undone I pulled her back to stand.


Inspired by this, and it starts in a library but I just couldn’t finish it there. Damnit. But it does feature condomless sex so that’s one goal done and dusted.

don’t you just love good feedback?

It’s a little bit praise kink, a little bit affirmation, a lot bit validation.

There’s nothing like someone saying ‘god, that was hot’ about your work*. And nothing better than them getting it. Seeing those bits of romance, or rawness, or connection, that you peppered through your work.

I need to review more, if only to give out some of the love I’ve been getting.

*even more when it’s got the coda that they’re thinking about that kink differently, or about that kind of scene in a different light. That you’ve opened their eyes.

Having a porntastic career

Not in the sense that you actually do any sex work. In the sense that you work in a highly fetishised career. I imagine nurses, firefighters, cops, doctors and others have some similar feelings, but I was a librarian.

And not just a ‘lady who works in the library’. I have glasses – black-rimmed plastic usually. I habitually wear my hair in a bun, so it doesn’t get caught under bag straps or yanked by children. I have a 50s sort of shape. I wear pencil skirts and cardigans and stockings in the cold. In short, I look like a librarian. To the point people think I’m being sarcastic when I describe what I do.

This can bring out some interesting things in people, mostly men. When you’re new, someone takes you aside and warns you about the creepers. The calls, that start out normal, and draw you in, and ask you to read out all of Nancy Friday’s titles for example, with requests to repeat them. The patrons who request books from the top shelf, or the bottom, and need your help. The ones who write you poetry (my body is no mere vessel, it is a chalice, according to one wordsmith).

I do not say this to brag (lest certain people are reading) but to explain the way I’ve been treated as a librarian, with a Masters degree, based on fetishes people have. Based on old scripts.

And I get it. A friend of mine has explained his own attraction to librarians (“I assume you’re smart, and if you’re hot too, and surrounded by books, and you’re funny, it’s just really really hot.”) and I get it. I read this and Jesus Christ do I get the appeal of the library. I write erotica specifically because I love the power of words who who wields that in a more overt and easily codified way than librarians (…maybe literature professors? Which is my other career?)?

But I also read that piece and think ‘oh man I have to clean up after that’ and ‘you might think you’re discreet but you aren’t’ and ‘other library fuckers are not so kind’. So it’s a fraught topic for me.

And like all fraught topics I’m gonna write myself some library porn. Look for an excerpt coming up soon.